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Seattle to Lake Sylvia

posted by Tim May 1, 2019 1 Comment

The ferry brought us from Seattle across the bay to Bremerton. From there we really started cycling. Soon we had to cycle a dangerous motorway. Luckily the route switched to a quiet road after about 15 minutes.

The terrain is hilly and the roads cut through thick forests. A lovely scent of pine trees enters our noses. We are treated with awesome scenery of snow capped mountains and rivers. When the traffic gets lighter we wonder whether there are black bears and cougars lurking in the bushes. Should we worry about that? Encounters are supposed to be very rare…

We can also confirm that the cars are gigantic out here. Lots of pick up trucks and other big vehicles. Suitable for the big distances and sometimes rough terrain. But some of the vehicles are excessive. The average camper / RV is at least double the size of one commonly seen in Holland. We even saw one that made the pickup truck that was suspended behind it look like toys!

We intended to camp most of the nights, preferably at state parks that offer cheap hiker biker sites for $12 a night (total).

First day we cycled 70km and we spent our first night at Potchland State Park. A man walked by with his son and asked where we were headed. I told him “San Francisco”. He said “you know they got a new name? The communist state of San Francisco! Haha! Well take care”. We got some other clear tells of people’s political viewpoints here. There were some shady figures in and around the campsites and we worried about bears and cougars so we didn’t sleep very well.

Next day we cycled 90 km to Lake Sylvia State Park in Montesano. It required quite some climbing and it was just our second day, so it was quite tough. But the roads were quiet, we saw deers, and the state park was beautiful and we slept fine!

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1 Comment

Veronica May 2, 2019 at 08:47

Looks like you are having a great time! Stay safe on the roads, bicycles are not common on the highway.


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