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Lake Sylvia to Raymond

posted by Tim May 3, 2019 2 Comments

Spotted quite a few deer around our campsite! That was wonderful! And we talked to a man who was fishing for (and caught) rainbow trout about wildlife. “Black bears won’t bother you.” Relief. “There are quite some cougars around here but you’ll likely not see them either, unless they’re very hungry and desperate. You’re more likely to spot deer, squirrels, bevers, otters, raccoons, and eagles, but probably nothing that would attack you.” Good to have that confirmed. In any case, we should be more worried about the cars passing us on the roads.

Court of Montesano


The road from Lake Sylvia to Twin Habor State Park wasn’t very nice to cycle. Some sections were dangerous, such as bridges without any shoulders. Luckily we could pass most of these around dinner time yesterday, when there was less traffic.We met the first other bicycle tourist on this route in Montesano: Peter from Ireland. He didn’t prepare very well because he decided to embark on this trip last minute. He’s traveling very light with his racing bike, just two rear panniers and his tent on his handlebar – a new tent from REI (the biggest outdoor shop in the USA) because he lost his previous one, or it got stolen. He slept 2 nights without a tent until he got to the shop. He also doesn’t cook, has only 2 pairs of shorts, half a sleeping matt, and a thin sleeping bag that should be comfortable down to 15 degrees celcius – while it gets down to about 5-10 degrees at night. Miraculously, he has survived and is still going strong.We started late yesterday, cycled 55 km, and met Peter at the next campsite of Twin Harbor State Park. We seemed to be the only campers, but a bit later we met 2 Canadians, who were cycling like madmen, over 150 km per day. They only had a few days to cycle from Vancouver, Canada, to Portland.Next morning we splitted with Peter. It was fun meeting him – a good guy! We headed to Raymond over highway 105. This road was awesome! Big shoulders most of the time and very little traffic. After about 20 km we could see the ocean, wow, what a view! We continued alternating ocean side cycling and going through forests. After 50 km we got to Raymond and will spend the night here. This was the best of cycling so far and we hope highway 101 along the coast will be similar.Cycling highway 105 to Raymond (couldn’t get a better picture, but it still gives an impression)

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Ton May 3, 2019 at 08:22

Leuk Tim! Mooi verslag en een aanmoediging om ook naar VS te gaan.
Groetjes, Ton

Alice May 6, 2019 at 09:33

Very promising! Will be following you!


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