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First few days in Seattle

posted by Tim April 29, 2019 0 comments

We enjoyed our flight with Delta Airlines to Seattle, but had to wait at customs (with hundreds of other passengers) for 3 hours. We were continuously informed “we are sorry for the delay, but passport control is working at full capacacity”. From other passengers and the man who finally checked our passports we heard that this was not an exception – it is the norm at Seattle Airport. Surprising and disappointing of a developed country such as the USA.

Arriving at our friends’ place was much better. We were welcomed warmly in their home and spent the weekend exploring Seattle and the surroundings.

Seattle is a quite young (about 100 years old) and hilly city – some roads incredibly steep. It has a diverse population of nearly 1 million people, has cozy coffee shops and restaurants, offers great sea food (such as salmon and halibut), and weed is legal (in the whole state of Washington). There are many outdoor shops in Seattle and many people were wearing their clothes, so we fitted right in.

But the best part is of the city is its location. Lush forests, snow capped mountains, glacier lakes and the ocean are all nearby (like an hour drive). Most of it can be seen from the city. We went on a hike in Mount Rainier National Park through rainforest with trees over 800 years old, passed a waterfall, and went up to a glacier lake. Stunning!

We were treated so well by our friends Lelde and Austin. After this wonderful weekend with them we can start excited and well rested with our bike tour!

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