Hiking in Borjomi National Park

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Borjomi National Park is one of Georgia’s greatest treasures. A beautiful park with mountains up to 2,500 meters and splendid views of the higher Caucasian mountains.

With a small group of friends and a Georgian guide we did a 2-day hike in Borjomi’s National Park. We did some groceries in the town of Borjomi including 2 kilograms of raw shashlik meat which I carried for 7 hours up a mountain. It was a beautiful hike and naturally the taste of marinated shashlik prepared over an open fire on a mountain just above the forest line was the best. Ever.

Borjomi Park Tim and Kate

Tim and Kate hiking in Borjomi National Park


The routes in this park are actually pretty well marked and there are some very nice shelters. Better than some that I have seen in France for example. If you enjoy outdoor activities and you happen to be in Georgia, we can highly recommend Borjomi National Park. Just get to the information center at the start of the park. You will have to pay a smallĀ entrance fee and can buy a good quality map, for the price of half a map in western Europe. A guide is not required, but we really liked ours’. His name is Roin, he was super friendly and luckily he spoke English so we got to know a lot more about the park and Georgia thanks to him. He walks there on daily basis and sets out routes. I can hardly imagine a better guide!

Borjomi Park Route Marking

Borjomi Park Route Marking

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